Wasserman Wedding

Color Pallete: Crimson, deep reds, and lots of white

Location: The Westin, Providence, Rhode Island

The Party: There are only three words needed to describe this wedding: modern, white, and sexy!! Even the ceremony was hip and fun...following the vows, the whole bridal party put on cool sunglasses and danced down the aisle!
Cocktail hour was held in a sectioned-off part of a large room. The huge, light-up bar was the focal point, topped by a contemporary spandex sculpture that reached to the ceiling. Sleek white lounge furniture created swanky seating areas.
When the doors opened to the main ballroom, it was a wow....Everything, from the linens down to the flowers, was white and highlighted with amazing lighting and glowing candlelight. Even the bride changed from her crimson gown into a white one! The rest of the night was a real show- they had a band, dj and two breakdancers..what a wild night!